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We work with Brands at different levels:  Organisations, Teams, Individuals using Real Stories and Techniques

Marketing Strategy

We provide a hands on marketing approach, from developing strategies that meet business goals, to making it happen.

Market Research

We create the real picture of the market – customer needs, market expectations, competitor position.

Digital Integration

We integrate digital into the relevant parts of the business – strategy, tactics, websites, mobile, social and content.


We provide marketing, sales and Wellbeing workshops.  This helps businesses and individuals understand the shifts in life and put the right changes in place to build resilience.


  • Surrender ≠ Fear

    In July 2019, Patrick went to one of the strongest Mental Health and Wellbeing festivals called the Trew Fields Festival (  It was originally set up a few years ago around the theme of ‘cancer’. It was founded by the inspirational Sophie Trew and focused to......

  • Change through Start Ups

    ‘Change’ is never an easy thing to do.   Our bodies and minds rely on the 6 C’s to drive Dopamine into our body to make us ‘happy’ and release our stress and anxiety.  2 of the ‘C’s include ‘Certainty‘ and ‘Control‘.  So if we......

  • Do YOU really want to be doing this?

    It’s worth asking yourself this question but in the right context relevant to Your own Brand Resilience: #work, #life, your own personal journey #stevejobs did this and built an amazing Brand with Apple. But he did this through involving his own Brand and invested in......


Whether you are a start up business, medium sized business focusing on trade audience in businesses or large corporate focusing on the end customer the main role of branding and marketing is the same.  This can be with your employees, your teams, your colleagues or yourself.


What is Branding and Marketing all about?

Marketing is about talking and listening: to the right PERSON, at the right TIME, in the right ENVIRONMENT and in the right VOICE and more importantly confident with YOURSELF.

All our services use a variety of services, from understanding the situation through RESEARCH, creating the right STRATEGIES, using the right channels, including sales approach and digital voice: website, social media, digital content.


We are qualified!

MMS is now a qualified Mental Health First Aider.  Using personal stories, experience and accredited techniques, we can help create and  improve individual and team Brand Resilience.



Number of internet connected devices per household in Europe; vs 3 in 2010 (RTL AdConnect 2018)


1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, 14.7% (MHFA 2018)


Mental ill health costs for UK employers in £billion; Reduce Productivity £21.2, Sickness Absence £10.6, Staff Turnover £3.1 (Centre for Mental Health 2017)


We have a passion and commitment towards marketing. Let us show you! Please get in touch with any questions or comments.