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Your Wellbeing Journey for 2019

04 Jan Your Wellbeing Journey for 2019

Welcome to the New Year


After only one second of driving on the newly opened “2019 Road” we find ourselves already facing all sorts of expectations on ourselves and others.  It is hard to balance: our expectations to ‘change’ our direction whilst travelling at the same rhythms that we used before.  What many of us need to do (or attempt to do at some point) is to pull over, and reflect on the “2018 Road”, and think about our journey ahead.  I have had a go:

My Health is a key part of my Happiness.


“Health” for me means mental, spiritual/emotional as well as physical.   My ‘Health’ journey and came to my attention like a lightening bolt before Christmas.

In late November, I started to experience phases of dizzy and light feelings in my head and body.  My oncologist requested that I bring my routine MRI scan forward.  This created stress and anxiety as I was forced to address my own major health issue again.  The nurse told me that I would only be contacted for any bad news so I used the “no news is good news” mantra, and continued to re-focus my attention on the festivities. I focused to live in the Now to keep my negative thoughts at bay.


The Result

On Christmas Eve whilst entertaining my children by our town’s pond I got a call from the clinical nurse.  I felt this anxiety rush as I was looking at the number on the phone. I realised I had been more worried than perhaps I had wanted to admit to myself. So with several deep breaths and the usual ammunition of food to distract my kids, I took the call.

Thankfully, it was a quick: “Hi Patrick, I wanted to tell you its all under control. Merry Christmas and speak in 2019”. After several follow-up deep breaths, I went back to my Dad role.  Then one of my children said, “Dad can we buy some fishfood to feed the fish?”  I knew then how to celebrate the good news.

With the weight lifted, the fish fed and family by my side as we welcomed the New Year I thought “there are some things in life we can’t control but there are things we can”.  These are my thoughts for 2019.  I welcome You to think about yours.


Here is what I have on my 2019 schedule:


=> What I want to CONTINUE

  1. Run Wellbeing and Mental Health workshops and events.  The feedback and relationships I have developed has been amazing and inspiring for me.  In December I completed the Mental Health First Aid Course (MHFA) and enjoyed the experience. I have exciting plans with organisations and events, including the Festival of Media Global and other sectors.


=>What I want to CHANGE

  1. Give more time to myself and the focus on the right relationships around me.  It is not possible to talk, listen and help everyone without looking after myself.
  2. Be a better at listener to what people want and need.  I am not good at using non-judgemental listening.
  3. Do NOT use the word ‘Should’. I find that my heart and mind are not behind any context when I use this.  Better words are ‘need’ and ‘want’.


=>What I want to IMPROVE

  1. Bring Music into my workshops and talks.  I do this by using my skill of piano playing and find this is a good demonstration of my Power of Wellbeing techniques.  Music gives my workshops my own style and character.
  2. Listen to myself. Hear and understand better how I feel and think.  I need to accept that my mind and body is processing my life and experiences and learn how to control it; not fight it.
  3. Take my workshops to the next level.  2018 has some amazing statistics:
    • I spoke to over 1,000 people in over 3 countries.
    • 96% of those interviewed stated that they would recommend my workshops.

Wellbeing Fire

Like keeping a fire burning, I need to work on follow ups to put more Wellbeing Wood on my fire.


Enough of me now….What about you?  What can you do more, less, stop, start for 2019?  I don’t have your answers but I can suggest some ways for you to think about it – please do get in touch.


I wish you all the best on your 2019 journey – whatever comes your way.


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