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Wellness and Wellbeing

Patrick's story was illustrative of the fact great joy and happiness can come out of a life wound

Workshop Talks

Melville Marketing Solutions

Patrick provides Wellness and Wellbeing support.  This has been driven by his story and sharing techniques to make it real for individuals and businesses.  He gives talks, run workshops and training – and even playing the piano.

He does this with relevant partners:  and


96% of attendees would recommend his talk to others (Source: 458 respondents)


MMS runs his workshop in 4 parts:

  1. Intro workshop to Wellbeing and Mental Health: The Power of Now Journey (PONJ).
  2. Follow up workshops in smaller groups on specific exercises and using feedback from 1.   This can include –
    1. workplace happiness
    2. self-resilience and self-control
    3. life coaching and leadership.
  3. One to One drop in sessions.
  4. Happiness and Resilience Audits.


The Power of Now Journey

He starts with a talk to introduce and remind individuals, groups and organisations why and how to look after themselves. This is under the theme “The Power of Now Journey”.  He has worked with over 700 people and 25 organisations and at all levels from board to graduates.  The organisations vary from multi-nationals and start ups, such as British Gas, London Heathrow Airport, the Financial Times, CNBC, Viacom, TEADS TV, Mercury Publicity, GroupM, Six Physio, Dentsu, Dow Jones, Schiphol Airport, All Souls Church and Langham Place.  After each talk they collect feedback to help organisations follow up on the Movement that they have created.  This is used to provide relevant follow up workshops.


More information?

Read below for more information and please get in touch if you would like to know more.  You can also see more



1 Hour Talks

Why should people be there?

  • Educate and inspire employees to invest in themselves.
  • Fuel individuals to appreciate the benefits of their own lives and encourage identification of areas of happiness and dissatisfaction.
  • Improve resilience and give confidence to do well in their company.
  • By facilitating this workshop, employers demonstrate to their employees that they care about their wellbeing and happiness.



Patrick’s session is focused on the Power of Now Journey. It is a mix of real life examples to demonstrate how this focus works and practical tips that you can take up today. It will be a 1 hr session with interactive discussion and will include:

  • Power of YOU, Senses, Positivity and Proactivity and Gratitude.
  • How find your Circle of Strength and use it to take back control.
  • Understanding ourselves and what improves resilience and strength.
  • Stress and anxiety insight and coping mechanisms to live.
  • Identifying the difference between physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.



Patrick’s Story

Patrick has worked in the marketing and media sector for 16 years. The combination of working at companies and being independent has allowed him to see to the industry from the perspective of: companies, regions, levels and disciplines. In August 2017, he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. This is a catalyst for him to share his story, professional and personal.  His experience has opened his eyes to how to look after yourself.  He is using various techniques that he shares, such as Circle of Strength tools.  These help him with his physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  He wants to help people look after themselves and avoid “putting off till tomorrow” what they can and should do “today”.

Thank you, I really needed to hear this story.


Marie-Anne Yeadon, Senior Procurement Professional, London Heathrow Airport

” Paddy’s session on wellbeing was very powerful and thought provoking. Everyone came away with something different but personal and we all found Paddy’s delivery truly authentic and inspiring!”

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