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MMS works with events and workshops.

This can be:

  • Front of house – presenting and moderating events
  • Back of house – organising, funding and running events


Here are a few examples:

Your Wellbeing Workshop

MMS organised and took part in a Wellbeing a panel in Hampshire, UK in Jan 2020.

The goal was to share or re-affirm why and how we need to take care of ourselves. There are different pathways to gaining better Wellbeing, and we will share many of these with you.

Patrick was one of three leading experts in the Wellness field: Lucinda Miller (founder of NatureDoc), Emma Wightman (director and osteopathic lead at the Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice)

Commercial Training
MMS ran a commercial workshop in Nov 2019 in London with BuzzFeed.  This comprised of research and running workshops for the EMEA BuzzFeed Team – 32 people managing the regional teams.  The teams involved were: Sales, Coordination, Marketing, Research and Content services.
The training consisted of:
  • running research with 31 clients to understand the challenges and opportunities, and where BuzzFeed needed to improve.
  • organising a client panel with Mediacom (x2), BBDO and McCormick to have
  • running a 3 day workshop the commercial teams.
Other events and workshops

MMS runs workshops with teams to make individuals businesses work smarter.

Here are photos from workshops in the UK, Hong Kong and Nairobi.

We have a passion and commitment towards marketing. Let us show you! Please get in touch with any questions or comments.