Do YOU really want to be doing this to build your own Brand Resilience?
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Do YOU really want to be doing this?

10 Feb Do YOU really want to be doing this?

It’s worth asking yourself this question but in the right context relevant to Your own Brand Resilience: #work, #life, your own personal journey

#stevejobs did this and built an amazing Brand with Apple. But he did this through involving his own Brand and invested in himself.

“Steve mentioned that he had recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His near brush with death experience – taught him to look in the mirror every morning, and ask himself, “Do I really want to doing this?”. And if too many days passed when he didn’t like what he was doing, he changed his course”.

From the book ‘Do/Story – How to Tell your Story so the World Listen’ by Bobette Buster.
Patrick Melville, the founder of MMS, takes confidence from his #cancer #journey so can use it to build his own story and journey.  MMS thrives to help building resilience – for #Brands with individuals or companies.
Again, we ask you:

Do YOU really want to be doing this?

If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to get in touch:
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