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B2B Marketing Observations from Kiev

At the end of November 2015, I had the privilege to speak at a B2B Marketing and Sales Conference in Kiev, Ukraine (see here for information about the event).  Victora Abed, a CIM colleague, invited me and was a driven organiser who ran the event seemlessley.  Thanks also to Kuchina Asya and Anna Vaider who looked after me. I made several presentations and was on a distinguished speaker list. MMS’s presentations:

  • ‘How to Use the Small Screen in Marketing’
  • ‘How to Sell Creatively in the B2B Space’
  • On a panel discussion on ‘The Future of B2B Marketing’.


Most speakers were local and it was great to hear the current trends.  I was one of two foreign speakers, the other being – Brian Carter , who was an inspirational and very global American who spoke about Social Media, as a Facebook guru.

I enjoyed my trip throughout the conference and outside the event.  I am so glad that I had the opportunity.  I met some amazing and very talented Ukrainian people.  I encountered the same type of person – passionate, proud, confident and driven; whether is be in primary industries or service, like Tech.


Things are tougher for marketers and local businesses but everyone is as driven to succeed.  As an Economy the local currency has depreciated over 400% in the last 12 months and the political and social situation is complicated, to put it mildly. See here for more info.


I was lucky to be given tours of Kiev, which is beautiful in the centre, especially the many churches. Thanks to Victoria Abed who showed me the centre and also Victora Vlasenko and Stanislav Yurasov, both talented and passionate IT journalists who showed me around.


For me, the trip proved you should be open to opportunities and trust yourself – you never know what amazing experiences you might encounter.


Biggest failure of the trip: I didn’t eat a Chicken Kiev

MMS Interview with Dukascopy, Swiss Financial TV

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